Karry'O introduce you Roger Scemama. A blow of heart for a great creator. Rediscover his creations with Karry'O.

Roger Scémama

Born in Tunisia in 1898, Roger Scémama created haute couture jewellery for the leading fashion houses for most of the 20th century.  He passed away in Paris in 1989.

Schiaparelli in the 30s, Fath and Dior in the 40s, Lanvin-Castillo, Balenciaga and Givenchy in the 50s, Cerruti and Yves Saint Laurent in the 60s.

Descendent of a wealthy Florentine family, he began his jewellery creations in 1922, the year of his arrival in Paris.  He designed costume jewellery in leather and buttons which he sold door to door. Taken prisoner during the war, he returned to his creations in 1945 for Jacques Fath and gained fame with the design of a buckle that becomes synonymous with the house.

The Scémama name started to appear more and more frequently in the fashion magazines, namely Vogue.  The name was  no longer considered as a supplier but as a brand.  Highly social and extremely refined he cut a figure about Paris in very stylised outfits.  Scémama entertained a lot at home with his wife who worked along side him in the ateliers rue Turbigo.

He owes his phenomenal success to his capacity to translate the taste and expectations  of the couturiers into jewellery.

His antique inspired rhinestone pieces for Dior, the heart shaped pieces for Yves Saint Laurent, are among the most well known. In the 60s his style evolved to a more modern and graphic spirit, this inspired the dresses of wooden pearls conceived for Yves Saint Laurent and the African costume jewellery collection.

From this time on until the closure of his house in 1975 Scémema favoured geometric forms and new materials such as plastic.

Scémama’s creations distinguished themselves through their sheer diversity, yet they all shared his taste for opulence and baroque.  Each individual piece was conceived as if it were a precious piece of fine jewellery.